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At the core, we identify and re-mediate threats, risks, and vulnerabilities, helping our customers easily deploy and manage leading-edge technology that protects and defends data, networks, and customer information. Remain in compliance and grow their business with confidence.


Passionate and forward-thinking, we’re constantly researching, building, and breaking. Every pentester is also involved in research, keeping up-to-date with the latest developments.


While often overlooked, we take pride in our documentation and penetration test reports. We ensure satisfaction on each engagement. our reports effectively outline both risk summary and vulnerability details.

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Our Services

We work closely with our clients to better understand and address their needs.

Web Application Security Testing

Web application testing measures the security posture of your web application and website. Our pen testing team focuses on identifying weak points across the entire web application to ensure your applications and data stay safe.

Mobile Application Security testing

Mobile applications have penetrated every aspect of life today, from communication and data storage to shopping and entertainment. We dig deep and identify any security flaws present in your mobile applications and provide authorization measures to secure your app.

Network Security testing

We aim to detect the exploitable vulnerabilities in hosts, systems, networks, and network devices before the hackers invade them for exploitation. We perform scanning and enumeration to identify potential vulnerabilities in hopes of exploitation.

Wireless Security testing

Nearly every business provides wireless access for their employees. Our engineers evaluate WPA password strength, perform evil twin attacks, conduct WPA-Enterprise bypassing attacks, and evaluate network visibility and segmentation.

Cloud Security testing

We can assist with an assortment of services to evaluate your organization’s cloud security posture, including cloud architecture reviews, web application assessments, host audits, and infrastructure-based penetration testing.

Vulnerbility Scanning & Assessment

We performs vulnerability scanning to search systems for known vulnerabilities without exploitation attempts with an end goal of providing a remediation report prioritized on risk.

Social Engineering

Essentially, malicious “social engineers” use manipulation, deception and influence to persuade an employee or contractor to unwittingly disclose secure information or persuade someone to perform an action which grants unauthorized access to an organization’s information systems.

Red Teaming Assessment

Red Teaming is Ethical Hacking, performed without already informing the employees or preparing the existing systems in any way. This simulates a very real situation of how the company would fare in case of an attack, at this very moment.

Online Training

We provide our best trainer and virtual lab setup to practice. Best of you can interact live with your trainer.

HACKERGEN!X provide certificates for training as well as Programs.

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