We’re Looking for Hackers!

Think outside the box


There will always be a security gap that can be exploited, and we've learned that technology alone isn't enough to combat cyber attackers. At HackerGenix, we fight evil by bringing together frontline human expertise, nation state-grade threat intelligence and innovative technology – creating a unique innovation cycle that allows us to provide the most effective cyber defense platform for our customers.

As an innovator, thought leader and trusted advisor, you'll relentlessly protect our customers from the impact and consequences of cyber attacks. Are you ready to join us on our mission?

Let’s Change the Game Together

Cybersecurity is one of today’s most innovative and most important fields. It affects everything, from how companies do business to how people live their lives. Protecting people is at the heart our award-winning lineup of cybersecurity solutions. And the people who work here are the key to that success.

We’re passionate about what we do. Keep Hacking!

Things We Don’t Care About

  • Traditional training and education paths.
  • Jobs that feel like work.
  • Qualifications and certifications above all else.
  • Lots of prior experience in a tech/infosec background.
  • Where you live.
  • Breaking things.
  • Staying inside the box.
  • Doing things by the book (We’ve been known to light the book on fire.).

Things We Love

  • Be Curious - Growing our skillset by constantly learning and inventing.
  • Research - Think out of the Box.
  • Fixate on Challenges - We work hard to make things simple and we never give up.
  • Be creative Execute - We do what we say we will do.
  • Be Respectful - We respect each other’s differences, value diversity, and listen to one another.

Internships - IGNITE Your Career

IGNITE, our internship program at HackerGenix, sparks more than our interns' interest in technology.

We know the importance of investing in early talent and creating meaningful opportunities for our interns. That's why each internship is thoughtfully structured to promote and foster professional and personal development through project-based internships, executive speaker series, fun intern outing events, and more.

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