How to Start Investigating Organisations?

If I ask you how do find information that you don’t know. well, you will probably say I will just google it. But the reality is that you can not find all the data directly from google. The tendency of getting correct data is low when we look at random places on the internet. So instead of wasting time looking for data that are not valuable, you can use OSINT (Open-source intelligence) tools like Maltego to gather valuable data in a very easy way.

Open-source intelligence is an Ocean of Data

OSINT is a branch of both the military and civilian intelligence services, but also a core part of business intelligence. Most information is found in databases or can be accessed through API’s

People contribute tons of information about themselves on social media sites, and the data can be accessed via API’s

Let’s conduct an OSINT Investigation

To explain the process of an OSINT investigation, let’s take one of our example questions. Facebook Investigation of some random person.

The transform that we are going to use here is Social Link Pro.

Step one : In the entity section you will have to search for Search Person.

Step two : Click on the entity and input person details that you want to find about.

Step three : To find the exact information about target we will use exact transformation.

This will create another entity of that exact person again fill the details of that individual and his location for accurate data about your target.

Step four : Now we will use another transformation called Search User (Up to 60 mins)

Here we can see that we have already got some search results related to that individual and as soon as the transform complete we will get the exact target result.

So Finally we have got the exact target that we were searching for. If we want to know more about our target then we can right-click on the target profile and run the other transformation like her relationships, schools, address, etc.

You can see here we have got her location and College and university name.

You will think that we can easily find this information directly on Facebook but there are so many cases just like the target information are private which you can not directly access so in such condition this tool will help you to gather valuable information about the target.

Not only you can search for a person here but you want to know about an organization what kind of services and backlinks etc. they are using you can easily find it here.

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